What is cool and what is nerdy

HBD bloggers discuss nerdiness here and here.

Despite being HBD bloggers, they’ve missed the evolutionary source of the thing, instead just elaborating on a nearly circular definition of “nerdy” things as being “things not traditionally masculine.”

What is cool and what is nerdy is a function of evolutionary psychology. It is the male equivalent to beauty for females. Pretty girls and the most popular, and the least nerdy guys are the most popular. To speak of “geek” or “nerd” girls is no more important than to speak of an “ugly” guy.  An ugly boy jock is far cooler than a nice-looking male nerd, and a pretty girl who always has her nose in a book is far cooler than an ugly woman athlete.

The closer a guy is to the front lines of something that looks like a tribal battle, the less nerdy a guy is. Thus (American) football jocks are cooler than baseball jocks who are cooler than track-and-field runners.

The most dangerous part of a war between hunter-gatherer clans was the fastest-paced part, so commenter Basil Ransom’s rule that sprint sports are cooler than endurance sports is a corollary. Another corollary is that team sports are cooler than competitions between individuals.

Soldiers are cooler than tank mechanics who are cooler than the guys who designs the tanks who are cooler than guys who design nonviolent things. Soldiers are cooler than cops, except for white cops working in U.S. inner cities.

For a few years after 9/11 firefighters were the coolest guys in the U.S.   There was a general rage among women for guys in uniforms, as has always been true in nations where people feel at war.

Doing direct physical battle with nature (blue collar) is cooler than paper-pushing (white collar). Collecting and shooting guns is not nerdy, but collecting and reading books or Internet blogs is (sorry, folks).

An exception to the above rules are musicians in small bands who play loud and cool music. They are very cool for other ev-psych reasons. Acting can be gay, but not nerdy.

Audacious Epigone’s rule “non-athletic activities not traditionally regarded as masculine that are primarily participated in by men are nerdy” comes about because, modern PC pathologies aside, women are bad at and try to avoid the main thing men were evolved for and are good at, namely the skills involved in tribal warfare, including sprinting and teamwork.   Girls and boys admire boys who are good at the arts resembling tribal war, and boys and girls, PC memes aside, are indifferent at best to girls who are good at same.

The high motivation for boys to try to avoid being nerdy and for girls to try to look pretty are both pathological, from a standpoint of adapting economically to the modern world, where the most productive occupations are radically different than the old occupation of waging tribal battle.

I speak mainly of “boys” and “girls” above because adults tend to grow out of viewing the world in terms of “nerds” and “jocks”, as the nerds, at least the subset of them with reasonable social skills, more often than not succeed in the real world of white collar jobs while the jocks spend the rest of their lives doing menial labor, or demeaning sales work, and watching sports on TV.  But viscerally, most of us never completely grow out of this epigenetic heritage of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.


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